We are company dedicated to bringing our buyers the best quality
and value we can find.

Oricon Corp. started in 1990 and the only stone company in the
Philippines, whose business is to manufacture stone items made as
Candleholders, Oilburners & other products from natural stone.
The company exports its products to Europe and some asian countries.

Each stone is handpicked and chosen for its beauty, structure and
color. No two items are exactly similar. Each one is unique in shape.

The company is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission
under Reg no.176297, and Social Security System No. 020919087-6,
Philhealth Registration No. 2005-6930-0005, and BIR Certificate of
Registration form no. 2302

The company office is located in Little Baguio,
Concepcion, Tarlac 2316 and 100% Filipino owned